did you know that massage can transform you posture?

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Calling David’s work ‘massage’ or ‘bodywork’ is a bit misleading. It is a fully realized system of healing. If I am referring him difficult patients you know that he’s the real deal. I can’t praise his work enough.
— Dr. S.

Yes, you can have:

  • Relaxed shoulders, lifted chest
  • Increased abdominal tone and core support
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Pain-free movement, flexibility
  • Reduced anxiety, improved metabolism

and it can be effortless!

rounded shoulders fix

hack your posture

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I don’t know how he does it and I don’t need to. I only know it works and has saved me from having to cancel performances.
— J.W. Professional Dancer
In literally 10 minutes David relieved a crippling chronic pain that I had been living with for 8 years. This after I had been told there was no solution by two of the top neurologists in the country. I still can’t believe it.
— M.C.

I coach professional athletes, physical performers, brides-to-be, fitness enthusiasts, and clients interested in preventive medicine. I help people achieve optimal posture and improved physiological efficacy! 

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My technique is a unique modality of manual therapy that triggers the fundamental instinct toward wellness and balance. Using a radically new approach to massage, my work has all of the benefits of medical massage, physical therapy, and acupuncture -- except it is painless,  fast, effective and permanent!  

David de la Cruz Massage Therapy

In whatever condition you find yourself, the body can positively adapt to whatever limitations age, disease or injury has imposed.  My work focuses on awakening the innate desire toward health that is inherent in our physical bodies.  

Massage, bodywork, and wellness education has been my life's work.  I'm constantly learning about the vast complexities of our physicality and humbled by how much I still have to learn.  Although I use the word 'new' to describe my work, it has been informed by some of the greatest (and sometimes eccentric) practitioners such as Ida RolfMilton Trager, Art Riggs, Thomas Myers, Erik Dalton, B.K.S. Iyengar, and Thomas Bowen to mention a few. 


We all want to experience improvements in our outward appearance and inner well-being. Often we get stuck deciding which strategies to implement first.

What should I start with?  Meditation, juicing, reading an inspirational book first thing in the morning, or how about journaling?

Maybe it would be best if I started a new fitness regime or upped my athletic game by training for a marathon? Or perhaps get some more therapy, hit the yoga mat, or commit to that new skincare routine?

While these are all amazing tools and activities, we often overlook the most important relationship we have: the relationship our bodies have with gravity. Specifically how our bodies are supported (or not) by gravity and how this affects everything from our breathing to our metabolism.

Think about it: if the body is struggling and wasting energy with every breath or movement, all other attempts to increase performance are usually doomed to failure.

I specialize in restoring a healthy physical relationship with gravity. This work triggers many amazing benefits: mental clarity, reduction of anxiety, increased range of motion, increased strength and resilience, resolution of chronic pain, and postural improvement.

The results? Outward balance and inner freedom. Once the body is free of chronic stress all of our other self-improvement strategies become much easier. Simply put: after a postural reboot we have more energy to devote to personal growth and fulfillment.